Sex, hygiene and relationships answered

Last night, May 3, three resident assistants put on a presentation to explain the importance of healthy relationships, good hygiene, and proper sexual practices. Connor, Megan did a great job explaining to the audience what it means to be effective in all of those things. Connor talk a lot about how every relationship is different and should be respected by others in terms of how significant others choose to treat eachother. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions of public affection and people shouldn’t be put down for what they like. From 4W, Lukas and I were in attendance and enjoyed the ice cream and discussion. Residents, be watchful for other fun programs that will pop up until the end of the semester arrives!


Busy this summer?

With summer fast approaching, make sure to get those resumes and applications out to the potential employers. Try some place new this summer and maybe it could lead to a lot of fun. This board is designed for you guys to dress to impress when you get that interview. Good luck!

Final push!

Hello everyone! Make sure to take some time over the next week to start those final projects. The end of the semester will be here before we know it.

Troy was hard at work on his art project at this time last semester as I am sure you all were. Take the time to power through and get the grades you want this spring.

Books out for Harambe 

BOOKS OUT FOR HARAMBE!!! This new board is to help share some new books ideas to read in your free time this semester. Some of the books included are The Merciless, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Maximum Ride, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Eragon, and The Lord of the Rings. Pick out a new book today to relax and get through the rest of the spring semester!

Test Anxiety

Everyone deals with some form of test and academic anxiety. This bulletin board is a resource for you to learn and develop practices to help ease the anxiety of the college academic experience. Reach out to me or other residents to find out what we do to deal with our anxiety in a very busy time of the semester. Remember it relax!


Yes, dabbing is still a thing that has carried over to 2017. Whether you like it or not, dabbing is a great way to cover that sneeze or cough. With many midterms around the corner be careful from getting sick by washing your hands more often and dabbing!

Military Myths

Do you know all of the branches of the military? Have you ever been told something about the military that is hard to believe? Look no further than our newest bulletin board on 4W! On the board, there are several interesting facts to pick from. For example, did you know that the Department of Defense owns 40,000 properties, covering 18 million acres of land? Me either! So check out our new board when you get a chance.

Flannel Flapjacks

Feb. 17 was a great night for pancakes at Dobson Hall! A number of residents from Pickard Hall were in attendance and had a blast! Hopefully Morrow provides more delicious events in the future.

Pizza with the Profs!

Tonight was the first of many “Pizza with the Professors” events this semester. For the first one, Pickard Hall had one faculty member from agriculture and the other from geography. Free pizza and free advice from faculty who understand where we are now is always beneficial!

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