Relay For Life

I want to thank everyone who participated and donated in relay for life. Our team raised  700 dollars this year. All the money raised helps fight cancer. Hearing some of the survivors stories was interesting and inspiring. I hope that one day we as  a society will find the cure to cancer, with the medical advances it should not be to long before we find one. Again thank you every for helping.

Facing Fears

A group of residents and myself went a speaker for the CJ department and he was fa-nominal. The speaker talked about his fears and how he over came them. Then he goes on with his presentation by explaining how some people live fear free, and others live fear full. My residences thought it was interesting that people who live fear free are more likely to be successful, than people that live fear full. I know that the speaker motivated me to face my fears and become more successful and I hope my residences feel the same.