Mystery Event Under-construction

Keep posted for an exciting event coming in October.  It will give you chills and make you laugh.  The first five people who show me this post on their phone (or computer), is eligible for a free prize.  Stop by 426 to claim your prize.


How to Meal-Plan

Tired of eating at one dining location on campus? Did you know that UW-Platteville has eight different places to use your meal plan on campus? A great way to learn about these venues and how to utilize your meal plan is to use the “How to Meal-Plan” checklist just outside the fourth floor bathroom. Going step-by-step, this checklist walks the user through five simple steps to learn about their meal-plan. It can be intimidating to try new things, however after using this checklist I hope that you are comfortable exploring each of the dining locations on campus. Your stomach will be happy!

Circle Grill and Chill

The annual Circle Grill and Chill held on Monday the 4th this year, provided students living in the Circle halls the opportunity to get out and meet one another.  Free food was provided, including hot dogs, drinks, and popsicles.  A new attraction this year was the slip-and-slide down the hill next to Huginin.  Of course, the sand volleyball pits were put to good use and various games of catch took place over the afternoon.  A big thank you to the department of Resident Life for sponsoring the food and the many hall staff members that made the event a success.  It was great to see many fourth-floor residents enjoying the event, including Emerson, Tony, Jordan, Alex, Kevin, and others that I didn’t get pictures of.


Sunday Evening

The Welcome Weekend activities continued Sunday evening.  A very well attended Bridgefest provided yard games, inflatable courses, and oodles of free stuff for everyone to enjoy.  It was great to see many of you in attendance.  Bridgefest marked the first night of the city-wide scavenger hunt.  The wing that has the most participants in the scavenger hunt will win a pizza party worth $250!  Keep gathering signatures on your paper and turn it in to the Pioneer Involvement Center by 4 on Friday.  The Pioneer Involvement Center is on the first floor of the student center.  After Bridgefest, students were treated to the Glow Campus performance and the infamous super ball drop.  These events were great opportunities to meet fellow Pioneers and community members from around town.  Here are a few pictures of you all making friends and having fun at Bridgefest.

Saturday Evening

After a busy day filled with move in, asking questions, and meeting their roommates, the residents of 4 west attended two very important activities on Saturday evening.  First off was the mandatory hall meeting held in the circle.  Introductions of the hall staff and policy reminders were on the agenda.  This was followed by an energized game of Super Walmart.  The meeting concluded with a brief wing meeting to learn everyone’s names and share expectations about living on the wing.  Next the residents made their way to Playfair.  The tunnel of love welcomed each of us to campus.  The remainder of the evening was filled with mixer activities allowing us to find common ground with people across campus.  As the year progresses, keep in mind that we all can find something in common with even the most random person.

Fall Fun

As you make your way through the wing you will notice a bulletin board about ways to enjoy the outdoors this fall.  Looking for ways to exercise around southwestern WI?  May I suggest renting equipment from the outdoor recreation department.  Rental rates are very reasonable with flexible rental durations.  I know you like climbing stairs because you live on the fourth floor, so I recommend you climb the 200 plus stairs on the “M.”  The view is worth the workout.  The university has many acres of green space to get outside to compliment the 14 parks in the city of Platteville.  Find a complete list of all the parks and their amenities on the board.  Have a bike for getting to class?  Find a map of the bike trails in and around Platteville.  Taking time to exercise will be important for your health and performance in school.  Exercise can take many forms, stop by the bulletin board to find something that fits your lifestyle.


Good to see all the residents moving back into the halls this weekend.  The staff in Pickard Hall is excited to start the new school year with you all.  If you have questions about anything, speak up and ask.  We don’t expect you to know everything about making the transition to college.  After you have gotten yourself settled, be sure to attend the numerous Welcome Weekend events around campus.  Here is the link to a list of events.  Once again, welcome to Platteville.

Sex, hygiene and relationships answered

Last night, May 3, three resident assistants put on a presentation to explain the importance of healthy relationships, good hygiene, and proper sexual practices. Connor, Megan did a great job explaining to the audience what it means to be effective in all of those things. Connor talk a lot about how every relationship is different and should be respected by others in terms of how significant others choose to treat eachother. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions of public affection and people shouldn’t be put down for what they like. From 4W, Lukas and I were in attendance and enjoyed the ice cream and discussion. Residents, be watchful for other fun programs that will pop up until the end of the semester arrives!

Busy this summer?

With summer fast approaching, make sure to get those resumes and applications out to the potential employers. Try some place new this summer and maybe it could lead to a lot of fun. This board is designed for you guys to dress to impress when you get that interview. Good luck!

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