Circle Olympics – Victorious!

The winner of the spring Circle Olympics was decided by the last round of the last event of the games.  On Sunday, Pickard Hall clinched the Circle Cup with a close win in Spikeball.  Going into the last event of the games, Spikeball, Huginin and Pickard were tied in the chase for the trophy.  Residents from Pickard came out in full force, entering four of the six teams in the tournament.  Thank you to the following fourth floor residents for forming teams for this event: Tyler, Ian, Jacob, Cameron, Gus, and Nick.  The afternoon concluded with a victory lap with the trophy throughout the building.




Circle Olympics

Day one of the spring Circle Olympics went splendidly with Pickard taking a clean sweep in Mario Cart and Spoons.  This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of many four west residents.  The excitement continued on Saturday with Euchre, Basketball, and Dodgeball.  Pickard was well represented in all three events, entering more teams than Brockert or Huginin.  In Euchre, Pickard secured second place.  The competition was fierce in both Dodgeball and Basketball.  As of this writing, final results are yet to be announced.  Thanks to Emerson, Tony, Ben, Nick, Tony, and Ian for participating in this great contest between the halls.


Looking for employment?

Finding a job can be tricky and should be done with care.  Whether you are ready to find that dream job or just looking to make some supplemental income, there are some important rules and tricks to follow.  The “tear-off” bulletin board on four west has some information that points you in the right direction for your next job search.  What you look like on the internet, job postings, job applications, references, and thank you letters are all discussed.  All of these can be applied to any career pathway.  Happy job hunting!  Also you can call the phone number to speak to the job professionals in the Career and Professional Development office in Ullsvick Hall.

Vent Your Stress

The semester is well underway here at Platteville, which means that classwork is really piling on.  Have you become irritated about little things or does it feel like there is no way out?  Take a few minutes to learn about the resources Counseling Services offers including their stress relief room called the Zen Space.  While learning about this great relaxation space, take a minute to reflect on the things that are causing you to be stressed.  If you feel comfortable sharing, you can write it on the space on this board.  Little things can really become a burden if we don’t know how to manage our time and energy.  Please realize that you can overcome the challenges you are facing, but you may need to take some time to take a breath and relax.  Remember this quote:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” -Simon Sinek

Let’s beat cancer!

Pickard Hall is excited to raise money for the Grant County Relay for Life.  Students throughout the building are encouraged to contribute as much as they are able to raise money for Relay for Life.  From now until April 13th, there will be bins at the front desk to collect donations.  The wing that raises the most money will be rewarded with a pizza party.  The organizers have set the goal of raising $55,000 this year!  Let’s come together to support the goals of the American Cancer Society.  You can find more information on the bulletin board in the lobby or these fancy posters.  Donations can also be made online, team name UWP Circle Halls.



Ebony Weekend Comedian: Ms. Pat


Every year during Black History Month (February), UWP students of the Black Student Union host Ebony Weekend.  Ebony Weekend is centered around dialogue between people of all ethnicities about the experiences of black persons in the modern day.  Entertainment for the weekend long event was provided by stand-up comedian, Ms. Pat.  Ms. Pat brought the audience along on the struggles and triumphs of her life through her amazing story telling and sense of humor.  As she shared her experiences, she pointed out that people in the crowd may relate to her story a certain way because we all value things differently.  Ms. Pat’s upbringing and early adulthood may not have looked “normal,” but who are we to say what normal is?  In between the funny stories and jokes, Ms. Pat brought to light the value of having a conversation with those around us.  She shared personal examples of how she has been hurt when she hasn’t engaged in conversation and time when her life was changed for the better when she did engage.

Residents for four west in attendance included Gus, Nick, Emerson, Ian, and honorary residents Brandon and Mae.  Thanks to BSU and CPR for putting together this event and to Ms. Pat for the great laughs.  To learn more about Ms. Pat, her comedy, and her recently released autobiography, follow this link.  To learn more about BSU and Ebony Weekend, follow this link.

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Pizza with the Professors

On Thursday evening, Pickard Hall hosted the first Pizza with the Professors of the semester.  Professors Erin Edgington and John Peterson were on hand for a pleasant evening of conversations and laughs.  Erin is a professor in the Education department and has a passion for developing her students to think outside the box and engage in the content.  As a Biology professor, John has a passion for exploring why living things do what they do.  Conversation throughout the evening revolved around learning from those around you and appreciating their knowledge.  Erin works with Engineering professors to develop her Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math curriculum because the professors on this campus are the experts in their fields.  John share how he is working with faculty in Animal Science to perform studies on cattle.  Each professor shared examples of how they have benefited from being involved outside their field of expertise because of how much they learn about the world from someone else’s perspective.  The point was made that while living in a residence hall, you have the opportunity to build friendships with people that are totally different than you.  Four west resident Gus had some great questions that added to the discussion.  Great job Gus!

If you missed this Pizza with the Profs, don’t fret!  Make plans to attend this great event:

March 14th

April 9th

April 25th

Start time is 6:00 pm in the basement TV lounge.  Please see me if you have any questions.

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United We Stand: Lamarr Womble

On Sunday evening, the Department of Residence Life and CPR (Campus Programing and Relations) hosted motivational speaker Lamarr Womble.  Currently living in NYC, Lamarr is a dream coach for students in public high schools and travels the country encouraging young people to work within their passions.  Staff from Pickard Hall were in attendance, along with four west resident Tony.  Lamarr asked us to remember the dream(s) we had when we graduated high school.  He then explained that many of us choose not to pursue those dreams because someone or something around us told us that those dreams weren’t realistic.

Click HERE for more information.



Tunnel Snakes

What’s that buzz in the hallway?  Any day of the week, in the evening, residents of fourth floor gather in the hallway to have an open discussion.  No topic is off limits, attendees can expect to discuss anything from current events, professor grievances, family traditions, to sports.  This unofficial, official, group calls themselves the Tunnel Snakes.  Unofficial group leader, Gus, is working to bring Tunnel Snakes out of the shadows and into the light of a student organization.  Details to come.  Until then stop, by a Tunnel Snakes gathering to meet residents from around Pickard Hall.

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