United We Stand: Peterson Farm Bros

Homecoming week started off with the United We Stand lecture on Sunday evening.  United We Stand is an initiative sponsored by the Department of Residence Life and Campus Programming and Relations.  The basis of this initiative is to bring attention to the diversity of our fellow Pioneers and how we can stand against discrimination and bias.  The first lecturer of the year was Greg Peterson, one of three brothers that are YouTube stars with millions of views on their channel Peterson Farm Bros.  Greg recounted how quickly their first music parody “I’m Farming and I Grow it” racked up views.  The intent of the video was to show the livelihood of farmers in a format that the public would be interested in and entertained by.  Greg emphasized the point that you can never predict how your messages will spread across the Internet, so be aware of the opportunities and pitfalls of speaking up online.  If you would like more information about Greg and his brothers Nathan and Kendall hit their website Peterson Farm Bros.  Look for the United We Stand series to continue in the spring semester on February 11 and March 11.

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Spooky Pumpkin

Are you ready for it to get spooky around here?  Pickard Hall is preparing to host the annual Fright Fest on Thursday.  Interested in helping?  Sign-up sheets are located around the building.  Currently seeking actors/actresses, tour guides, and make-up artists.  Interested in being scared?  Three bucks and your student ID get you through the trail.

Hall Involvement Team

On Monday evening, the weekly HIT meeting was held in the basement lounge.  Fourth floor residents continue to develop their leadership skills by becoming involved in Pickard Hall.  Gus is serving as the HIT Secretary and Emerson is newly elected to be a RHA (Residence Hall Association) representative.  During wing reports this week, Tony stepped up to the plate to share what has been happening on fourth floor recently.  We are ordering Pickard Hall sweatshirts for interested individuals and holding an event on Tuesday the 24th with the ladies from third floor.  The themes of the meeting included homecoming wrap-up and Fright Fest.  Persons interested in contributing to Fright Fest are asked to sign-up.  Sheets are at the front desk and next to the RA rooms.  Thanks Emerson, Gus, Nick, Ian, Tony, Duane, and Shane for participating in the meeting and the frozen t-shirt competition.


Fall Treat

What is a better fall treat than a crisp apple enveloped in sweet, gooey caramel???  If this sounds tasty to you, then you should make plans to come to the basement kitchen on October 24th at 9 pm.  There just may be some caramel apples to enjoy…

Yell at Soccer (…Like Hell)

Wednesday night I had a ton of fun at the Homecoming event.  Jenna and myself got people excited about yelling their heads off.  Emerson, Tony, and Emerson’s cowbell represented fourth floor well.  We cheered on the Platteville Men’s Soccer team to an overtime victory.  One of my favorite cheers went something like this: “Our ball is red, our ball is white, come’on Platteville FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!”  Thanks to everyone that participated in this and all of the Homecoming events held throughout the week.

Stand Up Saturday with Andrew Sleighter

On Saturday evening ten of your fellow residents and myself attended the Stand-Up Saturday event in the student center.  The night started off with food and card games with other Pickard residents.  Then Andrew Sleighter came on stage to crack the crowd up.  He covered topics from healthy living to visiting home after moving out.  Many of his jokes got good response from the crowd and the crowd shocked him with some Platteville facts, like the fact we drive thirty minutes to the nearest Wendy’s.  The next Stand-Up Saturday will be held November 18th.  Thanks for attending Kyle, Nick, Emerson, Cameron, Jacob, Gus, Ian, Shane, Erik, and Duane.


Rocking the Career Fair

The career fair is a great learning experience and opportunity to grow professionally.  However it does take some preparation and attention to detail to pull off correctly.  First order of business is presentation.  Do you look like someone that company would like to hire?  Remember how important first impressions can be.  Then there is that pesky resume.  What is that thing supposed to look like?  Tyler and myself held a brief session in the fourth floor lounge to discuss those exact things.  Both of us shared personal experiences of what we’ve done right and wrong when it comes to career fairs.  All of those in attendance where required to attend the career fair for class and left the session with some good pointers.  B.T.W. if you are looking for help developing your resume, our RD Nicole Mitchell would love to help you out.  Also a great resource on campus is the Career and Professional Development office in Ullsvik Hall.

My Interests

Hopefully speaking to your RA (me) isn’t daunting, but if you are looking for a good topic of discussion stopping by the “Meet Your RA” bulletin board would be a great move.  In a very simple format I have answered the same questions posted on your doors and a few extra golden nuggets.  How would you respond to similar questions.  Fill me in, I’d love to hear what makes you, well…..you.

Learned Laundry

Earlier this year Luke and myself held an informative session about how to operate the washers and dryers in the basement.  Questions that came up included what settings to use, how to tell if your laundry is finished, what do I do if there aren’t any open machines, and many others.  Complimentary bags of TIDE pods and dryer sheets were given to those in attendance.  If you missed out and are still curious about the abilities of the laundry room, please let me know.  I can certainly help you realize what would be considered overfilling a washer.

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