Sex, hygiene and relationships answered

Last night, May 3, three resident assistants put on a presentation to explain the importance of healthy relationships, good hygiene, and proper sexual practices. Connor, Megan did a great job explaining to the audience what it means to be effective in all of those things. Connor talk a lot about how every relationship is different and should be respected by others in terms of how significant others choose to treat eachother. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions of public affection and people shouldn’t be put down for what they like. From 4W, Lukas and I were in attendance and enjoyed the ice cream and discussion. Residents, be watchful for other fun programs that will pop up until the end of the semester arrives!



As we return from what was hopefully a great winter break, I would like to like to remind us to respect each other’s diverse interests. I challenge everyone to take part and try one of your neighbors hobbies this spring. Who knows? Maybe you will really enjoy it! We may be different, but like these fish, we are much more alike. Be courteous to others because we are all students and young men at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville!

It will be a great opportunity to show my residents what UW-Platteville has offered to them based on their religious beliefs. I decided to take one of my residents to the Catholic Newman community since he is also catholic. It was a awesome chance to discover and get to know more about catholic religious beliefs and other important facts about church other than ignoring it and knowing nothing about it. 

Relay for Life Pieing event

I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting Relay for Life Grant Co. We raised over $200, be aware of other events for relay for life coming up.

FYI: There will be a Bouncy Ball drop in the center stair well of pickard tomorrow at 8 pm. I am inviting all to attend because lets be honest who doesn’t want  to drop a ball down the middle stair well and not get in trouble for it. The bouncy balls are $1 and they are yours to keep.

Call in Call out


On this bulletin board it discusses how to be a social justice warrior and the 2 way to deal with the issues that apply. I use how to breath as an example to how use the Social Justice Warrior and why you have to use both calling in and calling out to really drive your point across of why this is bad. This bulletin board also explains why the social justice is an issue in to day society.

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