Yes, dabbing is still a thing that has carried over to 2017. Whether you like it or not, dabbing is a great way to cover that sneeze or cough. With many midterms around the corner be careful from getting sick by washing your hands more often and dabbing!

New year, new choices!

College doesn’t have to be just burgers and pizza. This bulletin board stresses how important it is to be healthy and create a better version of ourselves for 2017. Consider looking at this board to see if you are at a healthy weight and realize that everyone can improve when it comes to our physical health. Improving one aspect of your health correlates to having stronger overall health. Reducing sodium and fat is just a start for developing a healthier you this spring!

Fishing trip 

That was an amazing opportunity for us to get out and enjoy the mother nature. I understand that it is very hard for us, especially college students, to go out and breath the fresh air. I made this fishing trip to help you guys to just take a moment and step back from your crazy homework assignments. Our health is far more important than homework (Not encourage you to skip HW, but learn how to balance it out). So I decided to show you a unique way of releasing your stress and clear your mind by taking you fishing.