Fall Fun

As you make your way through the wing you will notice a bulletin board about ways to enjoy the outdoors this fall.  Looking for ways to exercise around southwestern WI?  May I suggest renting equipment from the outdoor recreation department.  Rental rates are very reasonable with flexible rental durations.  I know you like climbing stairs because you live on the fourth floor, so I recommend you climb the 200 plus stairs on the “M.”  The view is worth the workout.  The university has many acres of green space to get outside to compliment the 14 parks in the city of Platteville.  Find a complete list of all the parks and their amenities on the board.  Have a bike for getting to class?  Find a map of the bike trails in and around Platteville.  Taking time to exercise will be important for your health and performance in school.  Exercise can take many forms, stop by the bulletin board to find something that fits your lifestyle.



Yes, dabbing is still a thing that has carried over to 2017. Whether you like it or not, dabbing is a great way to cover that sneeze or cough. With many midterms around the corner be careful from getting sick by washing your hands more often and dabbing!

Relay race 

Everyone need to take good care of yourself before we decided to accomplish something bigger. This relay race and “killer Hill” running were an awesome chance for our to not only interact with one another but also get our workout done for the day.

“Sandy” Volleyball 

Many people love volleyball, but not many of them have the chance to play sand volleyball. I create this event to encourage you all to engage in more phsical activities. It is important to take care of your health by just spending little bit time on some outdoor activity daily.

Fishing trip 

That was an amazing opportunity for us to get out and enjoy the mother nature. I understand that it is very hard for us, especially college students, to go out and breath the fresh air. I made this fishing trip to help you guys to just take a moment and step back from your crazy homework assignments. Our health is far more important than homework (Not encourage you to skip HW, but learn how to balance it out). So I decided to show you a unique way of releasing your stress and clear your mind by taking you fishing.

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