United We Stand: Lamarr Womble

On Sunday evening, the Department of Residence Life and CPR (Campus Programing and Relations) hosted motivational speaker Lamarr Womble.  Currently living in NYC, Lamarr is a dream coach for students in public high schools and travels the country encouraging young people to work within their passions.  Staff from Pickard Hall were in attendance, along with four west resident Tony.  Lamarr asked us to remember the dream(s) we had when we graduated high school.  He then explained that many of us choose not to pursue those dreams because someone or something around us told us that those dreams weren’t realistic.

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Pioneers Call This Home

Did you know that UWP is located in the Driftless region?  The Diftless region is one of five distinct geographic regions of Wisconsin with a deep history.  The other four regions Northern Highland, Lake Superior Lowland, Central Plain, Eastern Ridges and Lowlands.  Which do you call home?  Interestingly enough, my hometown in Illinois is located within the Driftless region that covers parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and of course Wisconsin.  As you attend school in this region over the coming years you may be interested in exploring the regions history.  Exploring museums, state parks, and local oddities are a great way to learn more.  Named for the millions of hills and valleys of the Driftless, the bulletin board titled “Voluntarily Hilly” gives insight into the region Pioneers call home.

More info: Wisconsin Geography

We’re so thankful…

…for friends, food, family, sleep, and many others.  The residents of Four West have so much to be thankful for.  Each one has made a hand-turkey and written something that they are thankful for this year.  Some of us have chosen to display these simple turkeys on our doors as a reminder of the many good fortunes we enjoy.  Take some time to learn what your wing mates are thankful for and how that shapes their life.

Thanks to Gus and Ian for assisting with this project.

Hall Involvement Team

On Monday evening, the weekly HIT meeting was held in the basement lounge.  Fourth floor residents continue to develop their leadership skills by becoming involved in Pickard Hall.  Gus is serving as the HIT Secretary and Emerson is newly elected to be a RHA (Residence Hall Association) representative.  During wing reports this week, Tony stepped up to the plate to share what has been happening on fourth floor recently.  We are ordering Pickard Hall sweatshirts for interested individuals and holding an event on Tuesday the 24th with the ladies from third floor.  The themes of the meeting included homecoming wrap-up and Fright Fest.  Persons interested in contributing to Fright Fest are asked to sign-up.  Sheets are at the front desk and next to the RA rooms.  Thanks Emerson, Gus, Nick, Ian, Tony, Duane, and Shane for participating in the meeting and the frozen t-shirt competition.


Final push!

Hello everyone! Make sure to take some time over the next week to start those final projects. The end of the semester will be here before we know it.

Troy was hard at work on his art project at this time last semester as I am sure you all were. Take the time to power through and get the grades you want this spring.

Looking back on our starting goals/ Wing meeting.

We talked about our goals we set at our last wing meeting for the year. Most of us made our goals, and for those who did not we helped them find ways to try and reach there goals. Remember you must return lofts on the 5th of MAY. I will be putting up check out sign shortly so keep your eyes open.

Facing Fears

A group of residents and myself went a speaker for the CJ department and he was fa-nominal. The speaker talked about his fears and how he over came them. Then he goes on with his presentation by explaining how some people live fear free, and others live fear full. My residences thought it was interesting that people who live fear free are more likely to be successful, than people that live fear full. I know that the speaker motivated me to face my fears and become more successful and I hope my residences feel the same.

Blood Bulletin Board

Hey guys the blood drive is this week. If you are looking for more information on the blood drive go look at my awesome new bulletin board hanging next to the water fountain. Dont forget you can volunteer to help out as well.




What goes along with the new year? Easy new goals. This board explains how to make a proper and attainable goals using the SMART method. The space background is there to remind residence that every goal can be obtained it just takes time and effort. For the 4west residences remember your goals that you want to accomplish at last years reflection  and goal setting meeting.

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