Final push!

Hello everyone! Make sure to take some time over the next week to start those final projects. The end of the semester will be here before we know it.

Troy was hard at work on his art project at this time last semester as I am sure you all were. Take the time to power through and get the grades you want this spring.

Facing Fears

A group of residents and myself went a speaker for the CJ department and he was fa-nominal. The speaker talked about his fears and how he over came them. Then he goes on with his presentation by explaining how some people live fear free, and others live fear full. My residences thought it was interesting that people who live fear free are more likely to be successful, than people that live fear full. I know that the speaker motivated me to face my fears and become more successful and I hope my residences feel the same.



What goes along with the new year? Easy new goals. This board explains how to make a proper and attainable goals using the SMART method. The space background is there to remind residence that every goal can be obtained it just takes time and effort. For the 4west residences remember your goals that you want to accomplish at last years reflection  and goal setting meeting.