Looking for employment?

Finding a job can be tricky and should be done with care.  Whether you are ready to find that dream job or just looking to make some supplemental income, there are some important rules and tricks to follow.  The “tear-off” bulletin board on four west has some information that points you in the right direction for your next job search.  What you look like on the internet, job postings, job applications, references, and thank you letters are all discussed.  All of these can be applied to any career pathway.  Happy job hunting!  Also you can call the phone number to speak to the job professionals in the Career and Professional Development office in Ullsvick Hall.


Rocking the Career Fair

The career fair is a great learning experience and opportunity to grow professionally.  However it does take some preparation and attention to detail to pull off correctly.  First order of business is presentation.  Do you look like someone that company would like to hire?  Remember how important first impressions can be.  Then there is that pesky resume.  What is that thing supposed to look like?  Tyler and myself held a brief session in the fourth floor lounge to discuss those exact things.  Both of us shared personal experiences of what we’ve done right and wrong when it comes to career fairs.  All of those in attendance where required to attend the career fair for class and left the session with some good pointers.  B.T.W. if you are looking for help developing your resume, our RD Nicole Mitchell would love to help you out.  Also a great resource on campus is the Career and Professional Development office in Ullsvik Hall.

Busy this summer?

With summer fast approaching, make sure to get those resumes and applications out to the potential employers. Try some place new this summer and maybe it could lead to a lot of fun. This board is designed for you guys to dress to impress when you get that interview. Good luck!

Military Myths

Do you know all of the branches of the military? Have you ever been told something about the military that is hard to believe? Look no further than our newest bulletin board on 4W! On the board, there are several interesting facts to pick from. For example, did you know that the Department of Defense owns 40,000 properties, covering 18 million acres of land? Me either! So check out our new board when you get a chance.

It was an awesome opportunity to introduce the idea of career fair to many of my residents. With being new to Platteville and college can be a little bit challenging for them to figure out what they plan to do with their life, so career fair gave them more fresh ideas of internships and co-ops opportunities. In the meantime, they learned more about certain companies through communication.

Risky Business

This was a great program put on by a couple of RA’s . It showed the do’s and the don’ts during and interview. The program also showed you how to properly setup your resume and make it look professional.Thank you all of those who attended the program tonight i hope you learned allot.

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