Stand Up Saturday

Saturday evening CPR hosted the last Stand Up Saturday of the semester with comedian and musician Jr De Guzeman.  Ian and I went for a break from the homework and to enjoy some food from the Haas.  Guzeman has a talent for rhyming and made some funny “songs” on the spot based on suggestions from the audience.  He poked fun at Platteville a little but was able to win the Pioneers over when he made fun of Whitewater.  The audience has multiple opportunities to direct which was the show was going to go.  We were treated to some of his original songs which were quite hilarious.

Other four west residents in attendance that evening were Noah, Duane, Erik, Shane, and Tony.  Thanks to everyone for making this event a part of your evening.



Don’t get demolished by finals!

Concerned that your structural integrity will be blown apart during finals week?  Brace yourself against the demolition with tips from the new bulletin board outside the four west restroom.  Read a new tip each time you make a trip to the restroom this week so that you will be mentally and physically ready to tackle finals week.  Good luck to everyone on their final exams, projects, and presentations!

Spring activities

What happens when the temperatures climb 30 degrees over seven days in Wisconsin?  Everyone goes outside of course!  Residents of four west are among the droves of people taking in the sunshine this week in Platteville and Wednesday evening was no exception.  Nick and Gus and honorary residents Brandon and John decided to throw the pigskin around before sundown.  I joined the fun for a few minutes and quickly found that I had left my throwing arm at home.  Nick and I consoled one another that the reason our throwing skills were lacking, was because we had started working out again recently.  Nick has been working on core and I have started lifting again after a four-week hiatus.  Thanks to these guys for letting me join the fun on such a beautiful spring evening.  Next time I’ll remember to bring my better arm!


Pizza with the Professors

On Wednesday evening, Pickard hosted its fourth installment of Pizza with the Professors.  Students enjoyed slices of pizza and conversation with Dr. Polebitski, Dr. Cartmill, and Dr. Gates.  Residents of Pickard Hall came prepared with questions that ranged from odd to challenging.  We learned that Dr. Polebitski (Environmental Engineering) has eaten guinea pig while on a trip for Engineers without Borders.  Dr. Cartmill (Agriculture) was recently embarrassed by students that found a baby picture of him via his wife.  Dr. Gates (Psychology) enjoys taking long bike rides in the early morning with her husband.  Each professor brought a unique perspective to the conversation, with Dr. Cartmill being a native British, Dr. Gates Iowa corn fed and raised, and Dr. Polenitski who studied in Seattle, WA.  All three shared how that they are real people too and that students should engage with their professors outside of class.  Thanks to all who attended and four west residents Nick and Gus for bringing some great questions.

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Celebrate Diversity

April is national Celebrate Diversity month!  Though attending school at UWP may feel like an experience in diversity, you likely don’t realize the lack of diversity on our campus.  On a campus of 8,000 students, only 10% of those people are NOT White/Caucasian.  That means 7,200 of you likely have never experienced the challenges and systemic oppression of other ethnic groups.  A new bulletin board on four west discusses how diversity affects our campus and where you can have experiences to expose you to people that are different from yourself.  A large calendar displays events happening on-campus and around the world in the topic of diversity.  The mission and vision statements of the university are also displayed to show how critical diversity is to the success of the institution.  More information about the demographics of our campus can be found here.  Interested in learning more about diversity?  Stop into the Office of Multicultural Affairs in Warner Hall.

Change your words…

Did you know that your word choices directly reflect your attitude?  The new bulletin board on four west gives examples of how changing your words can positively change your mindset.  As the stress of the semester builds, it is vital that your emotional health is in good shape.  A simple way to calm yourself and relieve stress is to change the words that you use in discussions.  Instead of saying the something is “too hard,” you can use a more positive “this will take perseverance.”  I think you will find this technique helpful as you face the challenges happening in your life.  Stop by the bulletin board to see more examples.

P.S. If you have a set of words that encourages you, I’d like to hear what it is.  Everyone has a unique way to motivating themselves.

Grillin’ Weather

This year spring has made a few quick appearances in between the cold weather.  We can all look forward to the warmer temperatures and the ability to fire up those grills finally!  The most recent set of door decorations reminds us that summer will soon be here.  No matter what you enjoy cooking, you always need the right tools including your charcoal grill, spatula, and tongs.  So the next time the cooler temps get you down, remember that we are days away from the smell of smoke and cooking food.

Egg Fest Fun!

Before leaving for Spring/Easter Break, Brockert Hall held their annual egg hunt on Wednesday afternoon.  Residents of four west enjoyed the opportunity to win great prizes including gift cards to Dunkin Doughnuts, Jimmy Johns, and plenty of sugary candy.  They also practiced their bartering techniques as they traded prizes and candy to get everyone what they wanted from the egg hunt.  Egg fest also included outdoor games, cotton candy, and a guessing game to go with the egg hunt.  Thanks to Ben, Gus, Jacob, Nick, and Tyler for participating in this event.


Self care – you are what you eat

On Sunday evening, CPR and the Department of Residence Life hosted the second United We Stand Lecturer of the semester.  Nationally recognized nutritionist Alexandra Catalano gave a presentation about the importance of taking care of yourself during college.  She shared examples of how she struggled with binge eating during college and how that affected her ability to perform in the classroom and have a balanced lifestyle.  Rather than pushing a specific diet or radical new workout routine, Alexandra suggested that eating the correct proportions of the major food groups was the fastest way to get healthier.  This includes having meat, vegetables, fruits, and dairy in some form with every meal.  Rather than cutting out fat like many “experts” have suggested for years, she recommends eating natural fats like those found in dairy, meat, and nuts so that you are full after eating and therefore will be less inclined to snack throughout the day.  Her biggest food pet peeve is soda.  Soda is full of complex sugars that your body can’t use for energy, but they taste good and are addicting.  Throughout the presentation she shared examples of how her clients have had positive change in their life because they began paying attention to what they were eating.  Alexandra shared good advice when she stated that we should discipline ourselves in 80 percent of what we eat, so that we can enjoy the other 20 percent of the things we can’t live without.  She asked us to think about what we really like about a food.  If you like eating a lot of pizza, what do you like most about it?  Is it the sauce?  If so maybe you could take and put that sauce on some vegetables and make a meal out of that.  Everyone in attendance certainly was challenged to rethink what and how they care for themselves through what they eat.

Thank you four west resident Tony for attending this presentation with me.  To learn more about Alexandra and her work, check out her website here.

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